• Advice on tax, accounting and tax matters. Individuals, freelancers and companies.
  • Constitution of societies.
  • Preparation and presentation of all types of tax returns:
    • Rent
    • Companies
    • VAT
    • Heritage transfers, Inheritances, Donations, etc.
  • Assistance and advice in tax procedures for tax verification and inspection.
  • Appeals and complaints in administrative and contentious-administrative channels.
  • Punctual and continuous information of fiscal news.



  • Accounting of issued and received invoices, expenses and income, etc.
  • Preparation and deposit in RRMM of Annual Accounts (balance sheet, income statement, etc.)
  • Payroll accounting and employee SS expenses.
  • Control and punctuation of bank statements, and expiration of invoices with forecast of expenditure.



  • Labor contracts, high and low Social Security, company certificates for workers’ unemployment.
  • Preparation of receipts of monthly salary payments.
  • Formalization of low and discharge parts due to work accidents, common or professional illness, maternity.
  • Reports related to Social Security and payroll (monthly accounting summary)
  • Preparation and processing of models 111 and 190 of IRPF.
  • Individual statements of workers’ family situation (recalculation and adjustment of payroll deductions)
  • Preparation of withholding certificates for workers’ income.